CHPT3 launches the world’s first cycling shoe engineered for riding in the city

CHPT3 Transit cycling shoe is launching today and the first 500 customers will get early access to the limited edition Brompton x CHPT3 V4 bike.

  • CHPT3 is launching Transit - the world's first cycling shoe you can wear all day.
  • Transit combines technology from professional cycling with the most desirable object of modern streetwear.
  • Transit comes in a limited edition exclusively made for Brompton owners and are for sale on from early February, with shoes shipping in March 2023.
  • The first 500 customers that order will get 24 hours early access to the limited edition Brompton x CHPT3 V4 bike in 8 selected markets*

Transit is the first cycling shoe in the world that has been purely engineered for riding in the city. The urban cycling shoe looks like a fashion sneaker yet functions like a cycling shoe.

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The first time I tried the shoe, it felt sensational. The cycling shoe feels like a super comfortable sneaker, and you can even run it. When you click in on the bike, you've got performance tech on your feet that gives you the same benefits as a road racer., founder of CHPT3, David Millar.
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The exclusive innovation from CHPT3 gives the urban cyclist a shoe that can click into an SPD pedal yet feels like a comfortable luxury sneaker. Unlike all other cycling shoes, Transit is uniquely flexible and silent, so you don't feel or sound like you are wearing a cycling shoe. 

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Transit has been designed by James Carnes and his footwear brand Priority Athletic. James is the former Global Creative Director and Head of Brand Strategy at Adidas, and one of the world's leading innovators in footwear. James has been responsible for some of the most hyped and best selling running shoes and sneakers of the past decade.     

I have a different perspective not coming from the cycling industry. I took a fresh look at the various hybrid cycling shoes made for travel, city, or gravel and found that you can’t actually walk in them. As an urban cyclist, you are forced to change shoes when you jump off the bike to go to work or to hang out with your friends. The revelation became clear: nobody has ever designed a cycling shoe you can wear all day. James Carnes, Priority Athletic

James Carnes calls the shoe "a next generation approach to urban cycling".

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"Cycling is the future of urban transportation, and we want to give people technology and design made for the future. That is what Transit is all about".

The first Transit shoes will be launched in partnership with Brompton, with the first 500 having a limited edition. Customers can choose between an SPD compatible or flat pedal sole. Every order will enable the customer 24 hours early access to one of the first 500 Brompton x CHPT3 V4 bikes**.

You could say that Transit is not only the first cycling shoe made to wear all day, it is the first shoe for a complete cycling lifestyle. James Carnes

Facts on the CHPT3 Transit Shoe:

  • Engineered ground-up for cycling in the city.
  • Proprietary ‘micro-plate’ for clipless pedals that is made of innovative materials used to give football boots stability and flex at the same time.
  • Noiseless when you walk in the shoe.
  • Invisible stability - you cannot feel the supportive plate.
  • Full flex and stretch of the shoe have the same comfort and flex as a sports sneaker.
  • Running-inspired enabled midsole design with a 10mm drop gives you a perfect position on the bike and a comfortable position for walking.
  • Crafted and manufactured in Germany by the most advanced shoemakers in the world.
  • The first edition comes in black or white natural leather. The customer can choose between an SPD-compatible version and a flat pedal version.
  • * Limited edition Transit Shoe is available on and only enables access to the Brompton x CHPT3 V4 bike in the following markets: UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium.
  • ** Early access does not guarantee the purchase of a Brompton x CHPT3 V4 bike order, as supplies are limited by Brompton. It only provides access to purchase 24 hours before the official launch.

Press Contact: James Carnes  




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CHPT3 is British cycling brand. We make the finest sportswear there is for cyclists based on the simple idea that cycling is your playful chapter in life. Our sportswear is made to make you enjoy your ride whether it is racing on the road, adventuring on a single track or riding the street on the way to work. We want you to get out there and play.

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