CHPT3 and Thousand have joined together for playful collaboration.

CHPT3 and Thousand have joined together to create an inclusive cycling community. With focus on exploration and play, like the essence of cycling, we have a common goal to create cycling gear that mixes style, safety, play and performance.

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The two brands have created a limited edition CHPT3 x Thousand Barrivell Chapter Helmet to celebrate your passion for playful riding and keep you safe while you’re exploring and enjoying your city.

It's beautiful watching cities become more bicycle-friendly and the streets safer to travel through. It makes picking up your kids easier and more fun. That's one of the reasons why I'm so excited for this collaboration with Thousands. We have together, created a helmet that is both elegant and safe. We really believe that you can have fun, be stylish and protected.  David Millar, CEO of CHPT3
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The helmet has Multi-Use Magnetic Light that means that you can ride smoothly from day to night with an included 30 lumen taillight that magnetically attaches to the helmet or multi-use adapter. 

Active Ventilation. With 8 strategically placed vents actively capture airflow and pass it through the interior cooling channels – developed to keep you cool on your long rides. 

Premium vision that reduce glare and increase your field of vision with visors in elevated finishes, including hand-painted tortoise shell, matte black, and metallic rose gold.  

Secret Poplock, the most convenient way to leave your helmet behind. Access the hidden channel behind the logo mark, and pop your U-Lock or chain lock through. Backed by our Anti-Theft Guarantee. 

The helmet will be available to purchase online at from June 22.

For more information, please get in touch with Jacqueline Hoffmann.

About CHPT3

CHPT3 is British cycling brand. We make the finest sportswear there is for cyclists based on the simple idea that cycling is your playful chapter in life. Our sportswear is made to make you enjoy your ride whether it is racing on the road, adventuring on a single track or riding the street on the way to work. We want you to get out there and play.

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