CHPT3 launch a new sustainable cycle wear range on World Bicycle Day.

CHPT3 reveals first own made product line called Most Days for pre-sale on International Bicycle Day on June 3.

  • CHPT3 long-awaited product range Most Days will open for pre-sale on International Bicycle Day June 3 2021.
  • Pro racer David Millar designs the Most Days range to give cyclists premium cycle wear that is made sustainably without compromising performance and elegance 
  • The new collection is aiming at making cycling less elite by making premium cycle wear more accessible, simple and elegant for both women and men

On World Bicycle Day, June 3, CHPT3 will launch the long-awaited collection of sustainable cycling performance apparel called Most Days. 

The Most Days collection is designed by the ex-pro cyclist David Millar to make it easier for more people to make the right choice when they shop for cycling apparel.

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We have created a range of cycling apparel that is designed to be attractive in both style, quality, functionality as well as price David Millar

The new range is CHPT3's first own-made cycling apparel. Since 2015 CHPT3 has been selling premium cycling apparel made in collaboration with the Italian brand Castelli. The Most Days collection is designed by David Millar himself and developed and manufactured by CHPT3. 

We have had a chance to start from scratch and design the product I always wanted as a professional racer. What would the perfect kit for an everyday athlete look like?  David Millar 

The answer is a cycling kit that is so versatile and comfortable that it becomes your go-to choice most days.

Cycling is the most advanced sport in the world to design for: no recreational pursuit requires such diverse performance from its product. You can start in the cold and dark, early in the morning when you're tired and slow. Three hours later, you could be on the limit sweating like you're in a shower. When designing our performance cycling apparel, our first principle was that it must work most days for most people. We want to make cycling clothing that becomes your timeless go-to choice most days.  David Millar 

Most Days sets a new standard for making cycle wear with responsibility for the environment. CHPT3 is trying its best to be sustainable and most of our products are made from recycled materials. Yet, David Millar says that the Most Days collection is only a start:

We are beginning a journey to make cycling a much more sustainable industry. Using recycled materials is not enough, we also need to reduce the overall consumption of products.  David Millar 
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CHPT3 has teamed up with the clothing care brand, Clothes Doctor, to give customers clothing care to make their products last. We know our products only truly begin their life when they arrive in our customer hands. 

Very often, sustainable choices mean you need to compromise on performance and elegance. We have managed to turn around the question and ask ourselves: how can sustainability make cycling products perform better? David Millar 

David Millar and his team chose to break some of the most common conventions in the cycling industry to make sustainability a benefit for customers. 

We have focused on making one really good product per category rather than following the convention that you need a different product for each price segment. We designed the Most Days collection to stand the test of time without compromising performance or aesthetics: buy less and buy better. We want our products to be your go-to-choice, usable not just in the season you bought it, but in the years that follow.  David Millar 

The Most Days collection will be available for both men and women and will go on sale on June 8. The summer collection 2021 will be the first time CHPT3 sells products specifically designed for women. 

Many people have told us that we are taking a big risk. There is no market for women's cycling kits, we are told. We want to show that this is a mindset of the past. More and more women are coming into cycling, and we need to make them feel welcome David Millar 
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CHPT3 has designed the Women's collection with specific female needs in mind. The Performance Jersey has a female cut to optimise aerodynamics with comfort. The shorts are lightweight and have a second-skin feel to them. The pad is made specifically for the female body. It's 3D shaped and has a layer of silicone that sculptures the pad to each women's individual shape. 

It's no coincidence that Most Days launch on World Bicycle Day. 

World Bicycle Day is here to celebrate the bicycle as a symbol of human progress and a more sustainable future. If we can help to motivate more people to get on their bikes, I will be very proud. It's good for your body, your mind, your happiness, and the environment. Cycling is an answer to lots of the big problems we are dealing with in the world right now David Millar 

Facts on Most Days

Most Days is a new collection of premium cycling wear that David Millar and his team designed from scratch to offer cyclists a more sustainable choice without compromising style, fit, performance, and comfort.

The collection consists of jerseys, shorts, baselayers, wind vest, socks, and accessories, and kits are available in five colors for both men and women.

CHPT3 offers one go-to product per category rather than having a three-pier pricing offer (aka core, better, best). For example, the Most Days Grand Tours shorts have been designed as a pro racers trusted shorts for a grand tour. Because the products are designed for even the longest and hardest days, they will work well for most everyday athletes most days. 

Products are designed to stand the test of time. CHPT3 offers eco friendly clothing care product in collaboration with Clothes Doctor to keep your kit fresh for years. 

Most of the garments are made of recycled materials and all the products have been designed from scratch to optimize performance, look and feel and sustainability. The products are manufactured in Europe by factories that are GOTS certified and verified by BLUESIGN. 

CHPT3 was founded in 2015 by David Millar as a license business that collaborated with leading cycling brands. In 2021 the angel investor Mikkel B. Rasmussen joined CHPT3 and invested in the brand to make CHPT3 one of the leading cycling brands in the world.  

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